Image taken from my film 'Life on a Thread'


On this page you can find information on my education in film, my experience on set and a little bit about me as a person.

I'm currently based in Bristol, UK. I like to try and push the boat out with my film making and do things outside the box, which is why this year I ended up hanging 3000 feet in the air from a paraglider while filming the landscape below.



In 2013 I graduated from Staffordshire University with a BA Hons in Media (Film) Production. 

In 2018 I graduated with my Masters Degree in Filmmaking at Bangor University.


Undergrad films

During my undergrad degree I wrote and directed five of my own short films, as well as working on four others in crews of around six to ten. One of the films that I wrote and directed was screened at the Leeds NoGloss film festival and one of the films I worked on as a sound op won the Royal Television Society's Student Television award and the Eat Our Shorts award in 2013.


postgrad films

On my Masters course I have created two documentary films, both following the themes of adventure and escape: Life on a Thread and Paddle On, both of which can be seen on the 'Projects' page.

Both films were shot, directed, edited and produced by myself and both are being screened at the Ffresh film festival in Cardiff.



In my free time I co-wrote and directed a pilot episode of a web-series called 'Stand Up'. This was a large production with eight crew members and twelve actors. It was shot over four days in Manchester and was funded through Kickstarter, where we received just short of £2000. The Kickstarter campaign, directing, editing and promoting was all done by me.



2012 - I spent five days as a post-production runner for a company called Dancing Aardvarks in Soho, London.

2018 - I worked as a location marshal on Voyage Productions’ 'The Voyage of Dr. Doolittle', which is due for cinematic release  in 2019.

2018 - I worked on an advert for Dragon Creameries with the Sony a7s as a BTS camera op / camera assistant for Copa Cymru.

2018 - I worked on a short for Flash FM called ‘Prom Ally’ as a camera assistant.

2018 - I worked as a camera assistant / runner for the BBC documentary ‘Payback WT’.

personal life

I've always been an adventurous person, which is why I decided to study in North Wales.  After graduating in 2013 I moved abroad for four years, where I worked as an English & Film teacher in Bangkok, Thailand. I also managed to get a job for a few months running an independent cinema in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Shortly after this I moved to Australia for a year where I worked in a number of different jobs, including a dairy farm for about five months.

This adventure caused me to meet a huge amount of people and it's because of this that I have realised my love of documentary and telling people's stories. This is why I decided to move back to the UK and carry on making films.


Camera and Composition – I've worked with a number of cameras including many DSLR's, the canon c100, the BlackMagic, Sony a7s and the FS7.

Editing – I'm familiar with Final Cut Pro 7 and Premiere Pro.

Driving – I'm a confident driver with my own transport.

Social – I'm very adaptable and able to work in groups or independently.