Test Flight


Today we went to Anglesey to test fly the drone on the beach. There's an idea that I had to take the drone out on the boat with Roger and launch it from, and land it on the tiny boat itself. Today I did a test flight to see what the sea would look like from a bird's eye perspective. Looks beautiful and landing in a tiny area was a success too.




On Friday I completed the first round of the interviews where Roger answered a number of questions about his love for fishing in Llandudno and told a number of anecdotes. 

The interview went so well that it lasted over an hour fifteen minutes. Today is Sunday and I have just finished the transcribing process, where it was all typed up. There are a number of parts of the interview that I'm excited to include in the film.

When conducting interviews, I always plan what I roughly want the interviewee to say, and create questions to provoke those answers. Every now and then, though, something happens in an interview where you get an answer that was even more magnificent than you could have ever imagined. 


I recently took a trip to Llandudno, to meet and speak to Roger Smith, the subject of my latest documentary. I was introduced to his one-man ship, Happiness. The film will follow Roger as he sails the beautiful ocean around Llandudno and tells the story of a local legend amoung fishermen.